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IVDU Girls Elementary

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IVDU Girls Elementary

At Yachad, we believe that belonging is not a privilege; it's a fundamental right. For over 40 years, we've been tirelessly working to ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has a place to call home within and beyond the greater Jewish community. Our mission is clear: to empower individuals with disabilities through employment, education, and the power of meaningful relationships.


While Israel continues to pull at our heartstrings, our hearts are warmed by watching our participants flourish at Yachad, and they continue to need our support. Yachad is the bridge to unity, the architects of belonging, and the champions of inclusivity. Join us on this journey to make a real impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.

At IVDU Girls Elementary, we're dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for our exceptional students. This year, for Giving Day, we are fundraising for two crucial initiatives: a sensory wall and expanding our educational trips. The sensory wall will provide a safe and stimulating space for our students to explore and develop their sensory abilities. Additionally, these expanded educational trips will offer unique real-world learning opportunities, promoting social interaction and personal growth. Your support will help us create a more enriching and inclusive educational environment, ensuring every child's journey is filled with discovery, growth, and joy.

Join us in making these transformative experiences possible for our extraordinary students. 

To learn more about IVDU, please visit https://www.ivdu.org/

Original goal: $30,000New Bonus goal: $7,500

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