Total Raised CA$612,424.17
Pledged of CA$500,000.00 goal
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NCSY Canada Giving Day 2023

We've reached our initial goal of $500,000

We're thrilled to announce the start of a 


Together, let's continue this momentum by raising an additional $72,000.

Join us on the front lines of compassion and resilience! The NCSY Giving Day beckons you to be a beacon of hope for a transformative journey. The urgency is palpable, as our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel cry out for support amidst a brutal conflict, leaving innocent children displaced and seeking refuge. Simultaneously, on Canadian soil, Jewish teens confront anti-Semitic harassment in school and on university campuses.  


As the 36-hour campaign unfolds from December 3-4, your support becomes a force for change, a source of comfort, and a testament to the resilience of the global Jewish community.  

Proceeds from the Giving Day will go to the OU/NCSY Displaced Children’s Fund in Israel and to educate and support local Jewish teens in public schools and university campuses.  

Imagine the impact – a lifeline for Israeli families living out of hotels, children confused and scared, yet finding beautifully prepared homes, day camps, and support networks. Imagine Jewish teens facing anti-Semitic harassment in school and on campuses, yet finding vital support, education, and guidance through NCSY Canada.  

As the war endures, the needs of our Jewish brethren in Israel and locally continue persist, and that is why your contribution to our emergency campaign can make a significant difference.  


DOUBLE your impact on the NCSY Giving Day. Every contribution is magnified through the generosity of committed donors who will match your donation. 

$18 = $36! 

$25 = $50! 

$50 = $100! 

$250 = $500! 

$1,000 = $2,000! 

$5,000 = $10,000! 



We are deeply grateful for our very generous matchers: 


Toronto - GTA 

 Friedberg Charitable Foundation 

The Friends of NCSY in the Greater Toronto Area 


Eastern Canada - Montreal, Ottawa 

 Friends of NCSY Montreal 


Western Canada - Vancouver 

 Diamond Foundation