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At Yachad, we believe that belonging is not a privilege; it's a fundamental right. For over 40 years, we've been tirelessly working to ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has a place to call home within and beyond the greater Jewish community. Our mission is clear: to empower individuals with disabilities through employment, education, and the power of meaningful relationships.


While Israel continues to pull at our heartstrings, our hearts are warmed by watching our participants flourish at Yachad, and they continue to need our support. Yachad is the bridge to unity, the architects of belonging, and the champions of inclusivity. Join us on this journey to make a real impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Yachad LA provides social, recreational and educational programming in the Pico-Robertson area 4-6 times a week for adults with disabilities. We offer weekly events such as fitness, art, music, science and collaborative events with local organizations, etc. This year, we started a few new initiatives. We began learning about the parsha each week after our weekly workouts! We also are on the 2nd year of our integration partnership with our sister organization, JLIC, where UCLA college students teach a class for Yachad once a month along with volunteering many more times throughout the month. This has really been impactful! We also have continued running events monthly in the Valley as well! 

With your support, we can continue our mission and strengthen the path to belonging. Your contribution matters, and it's a step towards creating a world that values and embraces diversity. Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future.

Belonging begins here. Join Yachad's journey today and be a part of a legacy of inclusion that will last for generations to come.

Original goal: $100,000New Bonus goal: $110,000

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