Teach NYS Giving Day 2022

Teach Coalition fights to make Jewish schools safer and more affordable. For nearly a decade, our advocacy has given you a seat at the table when it comes to securing critical government funding for our children and schools. And believe it or not, we’re just getting started!


Every dollar we fight for goes back to YOU. Your success has amounted to more security, more scholarships, more funding for teachers. And now, we have bigger plans and bigger ambitions. We’re just getting started.

We need you – parents, grandparents, and community members – who care about finding sustainable solutions to the tuition crisis to partner in our mission.

Hundreds of thousands of day school students and parents are relying on us to advocate on their behalf this year.


Will you please make a donation to fuel our advocacy? Together, we can win the fight for affordable Jewish education for all children.


Amy and Josh Buchsbayew

Tzippy and Dan Cohen

Eisenreich Family Foundation

Nancy and Eric Fremed

Deborah and Elliot Gibber

Allegra and Chuck Mamiye

Rachel and Azi Mandel

Elana and Daniel Miller

Ronnie and Marc Schlussel

Original goal: $350,000New Bonus goal: $400,000

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