JLIC JCT Campaign

JLIC JCT Campaign

This year marks a historic milestone at JLIC with the inaugural program at Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT). In our short time, JLIC has made an incredible impact, fostering a vibrant community and providing invaluable support to students, at both Machon Lev and Tal, who are navigating the challenges of college life.

Now, we need your help to ensure that this momentum continues to grow. Thanks to a generous $25,000 matching challenge, your donation holds immense power to magnify its impact. Every dollar you contribute will be matched, instantly doubling your support's effectiveness.

By donating to JLIC at JCT, you directly invest in the spiritual and intellectual growth of our students. Your support enables us to expand our programs, provide mentorship, and create meaningful Jewish experiences that enrich the lives of young adults on campus.

Together, we can ensure that JLIC at JCT thrives. Don't miss this opportunity to double your impact and help us reach our match challenge. Thank you for your generosity and support. Your generosity will go towards the 2024-2025 academic year.

Rabbi Simcha and Margalit Herschman


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