JLIC Mizrachi Herzliya Annual Campaign

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JLIC Mizrachi Herzliya Annual Campaign

On April 8 - 10 we’ll share with you the stories of Noah, Rachel, Benjamin, Meital and Rabbi Daniel.

These stories are a glimpse into the lives of the hundreds of young people who call the JLIC Mizrachi community in Herzliya their home. They are students, young professionals, and olim chadashim. They are soldiers on the front lines and on leave, volunteers making an impact, fiances waiting at home, and community leaders. They are living their lives in Israel, contributing to Israel’s response to the current crisis, and building the future of Israel. 

Many hundreds of young people living and studying in Herzliya are impacted by the vibrant community life that JLIC Mizrachi Herzliya provides. As we continue to invest in these young people by growing our programming and professional team, our annual budget will stand shortly at approximately $500,000, all of which needs to be fundraised from our partners and supporters. Your support allows us to continue serving this community and grow it for the future.

Your generous donation will have an impact. Partner with us by selecting one of the donation levels or get in touch with us to discuss a larger gift.

Thank you for your support!

Rav Noam and Shiffy Friedman

Directors, JLIC Mizrachi Herzliya

*Please note that at this point we are able to receive donations in USD and CAD and to issue tax receipts in the US and Canada. For CAD donations, to give by donor-advised fund or check, or for any other questions, please reach out to Rav Noam. We are working on expanding our donation options for the future.


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