OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard Campaign

OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard Campaign

OU-JLIC continues to thrive at Columbia/Barnard! We directly impact the lives of over 200 Jewish students on campus. From home hospitality, to social nights and shiurim we provide a holistic Jewish experience for our students. We have had dozens of coffee dates, informal conversations, given halachic guidance and most importantly - we are here for our students especially during this challenging time on campus.


Under the leadership of our directors, Rav Elie and Dr. Tamar Buechler, we have continued to grow OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard.


Your support is what makes OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard possible.


Partner with us today to directly impact the lives of hundreds of Jewish students on campus! Your generosity will support the continued strength of the JLIC program at Columbia/Barnard.

If you’d like to support us through a Donor Advised Fund or a check, please email Rav Elie at buechlere@ou.org and we will provide you with the information.

Thank you,

R' Elie and Dr. Tamar Buechler


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