JLIC at Binghamton: From House to Home

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JLIC at Binghamton University

JLIC at Binghamton University is more than an organization—it's a vibrant and passionate community for Jewish students during their formative years away from home. Under the professional leadership and warm hospitality of the JLIC couple, Rav Ben and Ellie Menora, they provide programming, support, and a sense of belonging for students on campus.

Building the JLIC Home: A Sanctuary for Connection and Growth 

We are thrilled to announce that we are in the final stages of completing the remodeling of new JLIC Binghamton house, which will serve as the heart of our community. The new JLIC house isn't just a building—it's a sanctuary where students come together to learn, grow, and forge lifelong connections. With warm hospitality and engaging programming, JLIC at Binghamton provides a home away from home for Jewish students on campus. Specific dedications are available in the JLIC House and Shul with this link: Bing House Dedications .

How You Can Help

As we prepare to celebrate this exciting milestone, we need your support to make the JLIC new house feel like home. Your contribution will go directly towards enhancing our programming and ensuring that every student feels welcome and supported.

*From now through Shabbas, all donations will be doubled!


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