OU Women's Initiative Giving Day 2022

WATCH: Siyum on Sefer Melachim Alef with Mrs. Rachel Besser

WATCH: Shavuot Ideas and Inspiration: Out in the Field with Ilana Toweg,

a Conversation with a Shmittah Farmer

WATCH Shavuot Ideas & Inspiration: with Michal Horowitz

Thank you! The OU Women’s Initiative needs your support. 


Each year on Shavuot, we celebrate matan Torah – the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people at Har Sinai. This year, you have a unique opportunity to support women’s Torah learning worldwide. 


Thanks to donors like you, the OU Women’s Initiative can work with Orthodox communities worldwide to identify and address women’s spiritual, educational, and communal needs through a range of innovative Torah learning initiatives. 

Join the OU Women’s Initiative on Wednesday, May 25 and Thursday May 26 as we raise $100,000 together. 


On Wednesday, May 25 and Thursday, May 26, unite with your fellow supporters to appreciate, support and expand the Torah programs offered by the OU Women’s Initiative in 5783 - Torat Imecha Nach Yomi, Torat Imecha Parsha, Rosh Chodesh Lunch ‘n Learn, Counting Toward Sinai, Selichot night and Simchat Torah programming, Ideas and Inspiration for the chagim and the Max and Yetty Monderer A”H ALIT: Virtual Beit Midrash

Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000 - so donate now and see your gift have 2X the impact!


Original goal: $100,000.00New Bonus goal: $110,000.00

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