NorCal Raffle

NorCal Raffle

NorCal Raffle

Every year over 1,200 Bay Area teens participate in transformative NCSY and JSU programming, but we can’t do it alone!

Your support funds hundreds of local JSU clubs and programs that instill a positive Jewish identity, a sense of community, and passionate advocacy for Israel in addition to filling growing scholarship needs.

πŸ† Buy a ticket for a chance to win amazing prizes! πŸ†

FIRST PRIZE: βœˆοΈ Win an all-expense-paid volunteer mission to Israel this summer for two people with Rabbi Akiva Naiman. Trip dates are to be determined in consultation with the winners, with the final determination by Rabbi Akiva Naiman. (Or $2,000 cash for the winner at the option of the winner) WINNER: LEV LUVISHES!

  • 😎 Experience a fun evening out with your spouse (or kid!) WINNER: ARIELLE RADINSKY
  • 🍽️ Own a beautiful seder plate for Pesach. WINNER: IGOR LUVISHES
  • πŸ’° Win a $1,000 NCSY scholarship or $500 cash. WINNER: PATRICK FEIGELSON
  • πŸ’² Receive a $125 Amazon gift card. WINNER: ARI WHITEHEAD
  • πŸ’» Take home a brand new laptop WINNER: JULIA KOZBERG
  • 🎧 Enjoy AirPods or a cash equivalent WINNER: DENA MENDELSOHN
  • 🍷 Just in time for Purim - a box of special Hajdu Wines! WINNER: MARK ZITTER
  • πŸ“š A box of Sefarim from our NCSY Library WINNER: JESSICA MINKOFF
  • ⛷️ A free entry for your teen for NCSY Skibaton, Feb. 2025! WINNER: ERIK BALIN
  • πŸ— Shabbat catered meal by Oakland Kosher. WINNER: SIMON MINOVITSKY
  • 😏 Complete NCSY swag package. WINNER: ANNA BERDY
  • πŸ•΄οΈ 1:1 meeting with a department head of the World Zionist Organization WINNER: JONAH EISENBERG
  •  πŸ•Ž Gift card from Afikomen store in Berkeley. WINNER: IDO BARTH

[For the full value of each prize, please click on the link to the terms and conditions below.]

For full terms and conditions click HERE