New York NCSY Giving Day 2021

Thanks to you, Jewish teens around the globe continue to grow engaged and empowered. Because of your generosity, future Jewish leaders are enjoying rich, meaningful and inspiring Jewish content and a connection to others.


And that’s exactly why they need your continued and increased support.


Partners like you have enabled us to create thousands of hours of new programming. We've launched the first ever NCSY Pirkei Avot - a celebration of the efforts of over a hundred teens expressing their creativity, personal reflections and research into Torah sources on the timeless wisdom of our rabbis. 160 teens from over 20 participating schools joined JUMP (Jewish Unity Mentoring Program) that gives them tools and training to make positive changes in their schools and communities, while broadening their understanding of local and global issues facing the Jewish people today. Our Brooklyn Chapter had over 120 teens from 7 different JSU clubs hear from a Holocaust Survivor on Yom Hashoa via Zoom allowing them to interact and get a better understanding of what this day means. Through our Relief Missions teens helped rebuild the home of Pastor James Hodge form the MLK Community Center in Long Beach, whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Over 400 teens signed up to learn as part of our Chavrusa program amongst them were 150 public school teens learning with Jewish Day school teens.



Would you believe me if I told you this is just a snapshot of a brief period of programming? Over the past year, NCSY and JSU have run over 100 virtual and in person programs from master classes to Over the Edge to volunteering to learning events.


How did NCSY and JSU manage such a robust offering of programming? How did we connect with so many teens?


The answer is simple: You.


You made this a reality despite what was happening in the world around them. You kept NCSY and JSU in their hearts.


With your gift, NCSY will continue to engage our teens through creative, impactful programming.


Join us today by making a meaningful gift.


New York NCSY and JSU Teens Thank you!!!

Campaign funding is over.
Thank you for all your help.