NCSY Relief Missions Giving Day 2020

NCSY Relief Missions Giving Day 2020

NCSY Relief Missions Giving Day 2020

Join us in our 2020 NCSY Giving Day as we celebrate innovation, creativity, and an unabashedly positive view of the future of the Jewish people.

As we continue to live through an extraordinary time, unimaginable just months ago, NCSY has ensured that something fundamental has remained the same: our mission to engage and inspire Jewish teens around the globe.

During the last two months alone, NCSY Teen Relief Missions has been running local chesed missions in Long Beach, New York to help rebuild the home of a community leader whose house was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. He repeatedly put the community’s needs above his own and NCSY Teen Relief Missions decided it was time to take action. We are continually setting up other local volunteer options across the country. Additionally, we have created virtual volunteering opportunities for teens to be together without having to leave their homes!

Looking forward, NCSY’s innovative pivot of teen engagement promises continued creativity, impact and success. But to get there, we need your help.

Join us on Wednesday and Thursday, September 9 and 10, to support NCSY Teen Relief Mission’s incredible work by raising $150,000. And this year, because of a very generous donor, your gift will be doubled

$50 = $100!

$250 = $500!

$1000 = $2000!


Original goal: $150,000New Bonus goal: $170,000
Campaign funding is over.
Thank you for all your help.