NCSY's Judah Fellowship Giving Day 2021

NCSY's Judah Fellowship Giving Day 2021

NCSY's Judah Fellowship Giving Day 2021

We need YOU! Thank you for all of your support.

Thanks to donors like you, NCSY and JSU students across North America continue to grow and embrace their Jewish journeys, even during these uncertain times - no matter the obstacles that they face. Your generosity enables the NCSY Judah Fellows to pave the way for their fellow NCSY and JSU alumni to embrace Jewish life on their college campuses and beyond.

And that’s exactly why they need your continued and increased support.

Partners like you allow thousands of NCSY and JSU alumni on campus to continue their Jewish journey through Judah Fellowship programming including:

Weekly online Torah learning with NCSY staff from across the country

One on one coffee dates with NCSY alumni on campus

Partnerships with Jewish organizations on campus

Leadership development classes

Relief Mission trips to devastated communities

Publishing of the annual Pesach companion

Weekly one on one mentoring with NCSY Staff

Freshman “meet and greets” for incoming students

National & Regional online Shiurim

Campus based Torah chaburahs

Door to door campus care packages

NCSY alumni reunions on campus

...And so much more!


With your gift, NCSY will continue to innovate, and invest in its students on college campuses, to foster their Jewish growth and connection.

Join the Judah Fellows and the NCSY and JSU alumni community on Monday and Tuesday, November 22nd and 23rd to support NCSY’s incredible work with alumni on campus by raising $40,000.


Thank you!

Original goal: $40,000New Bonus goal: $50,000
Campaign funding is over.
Thank you for all your help.