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Southwest NCSY Giving Day 2024

NOW More Than Ever: Ignite the Spark Within

Southwest NCSY is on the frontlines, committed to empowering over 2,000 teens each year with the courage to stand tall and the inspiration to embrace their heritage with pride. In an era where antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment are spreading at an alarming rate, the need for a strong, positive Jewish identity is more critical than ever.

Our mission is urgent: to inspire and connect every Jewish teen with love, understanding, and a deep connection to their roots and to counteract the negativity they face daily. As we launch our campaign to raise $120,000 in just 48 hours, we stand united in the fight to offer a beacon of hope and a source of strength.

NOW, more than ever, our teens need us to arm them with knowledge, opportunities, and the unwavering support necessary to navigate these challenging times. Your contribution will directly support our efforts to inspire and educate, turning adversity into opportunity.

Join us in this crucial moment. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our youth, ensuring they have the tools to fight against hate with love, understanding, and an unshakable pride in who they are.

Stand with us. Support. Inspire. Transform. NOW more than ever, our future depends on it.