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Dallas NCSY Giving Day 2024

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Dallas NCSY Giving Day 2024

NOW More Than Ever: Ignite the Spark Within!!!

Dallas NCSY and JSU, key pillars of Southwest NCSY, are on the frontlines in the heart of Texas, dedicated to empowering over 500 teens each year with the courage to stand tall and the inspiration to embrace their heritage with pride. In an era marked by the rapid spread of antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment, forging a strong, positive Jewish identity has never been more crucial.

Our mission in Dallas is urgent: to inspire and connect each Jewish teen with love, understanding, and a profound link to their roots. We strive to counteract the daily negativity they encounter with positive experiences, including life-changing summer programs in Israel and gap year opportunities that transform their understanding of identity and community. As we launch our Day of Giving to raise $120,000 in just 48 hours, we stand united in the battle to light a path of hope and resilience.

NOW, more than ever, the teens of Dallas need us. They need the knowledge, opportunities, and unwavering support we provide to navigate these turbulent times. Your contribution will directly bolster our efforts to inspire, educate, and turn adversity into opportunity, ensuring every teen can explore the beauty of their heritage and the strength of their identity.

Join us in this pivotal moment for Dallas NCSY and JSU. Together, we can create a lasting impact in the lives of our youth, arming them with the tools to counter hate with love, understanding, and an indomitable pride in who they are.

Stand with Dallas NCSY and JSU. Support. Inspire. Transform. NOW more than ever, the future of our community—and our teens—depends on it.

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