Norcal NCSY Support Our Soldiers

Norcal NCSY Support Our Soldiers

Norcal NCSY Support Our Soldiers

As you all know, things have been horrific here in Israel since Shabbat morning. There are absolutely no words to describe the awful tragedies that have occurred, and the senseless murders and attacks against our people over the last 48 hours. 

This is the time to remember that no matter where you are in the world - we are family. Our brothers and sisters are on the front lines, protecting our country and our people. They are in desperate need of supplies!

Rabbi Akiva will be buying the list below, and sending it to the 5305 battalion in the Shomron and Baf Darom up north, who are asking for help. Let's show them our support and our love!

•Phone chargers




•toilet paper and any other personal hygiene.


•Baby powder 

•Portable stoves

•energy snacks

•AA and AAA batteries 


•Swiss Army knives


•thick socks 



Food wise: 


•canned proteins (sardines,tuna, etc.) or even beef jerky

•canned foods 




Original goal: $3,600New Bonus goal: $7,200

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