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Young Israel of Teaneck

Young Israel of Teaneck

Over the past month, the Jewish community has responded admirably to the needs of the Ukrainian Jewish population whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of war. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that this crisis will not be just a moment in time, and the requirements of refugees from Ukraine will likely stretch on for years.

Our brothers and sisters from Ukraine still need our help in rebuilding their lives, and the broader Jewish Community is continuing to respond. The Young Israel of Teaneck has chosen to join the Shuls for Ukrainian Jewry campaign working in conjunction with communities around North America, the OU, RCA, and National Council of Young Israel to raise funds in support of these long-term needs. We at the Young Israel of Teaneck have set a fundraising goal of $36,000, which would provide a full week of housing for a refugee camp.

Every cent raised by this campaign will be distributed directly to partners on the ground working to take care of Jewish refugees wherever they are now, and to help them get settled wherever they are going. The OU is working with Shama Yisroel, Chabad, Jroots, Tikvah network and a number of other organizations. They have secured a warehouse in Budapest and are air shipping items that are

needed by these on the ground organizations. These partnerships enable us to streamline the process of helping the Ukrainian Jewish population.

As we prepare for our Pesach seders, we must be acutely aware that just as we were all once refugees caught between Mitzrayim and a homeland that we had not yet reached, so too there are many Jews today who find themselves adrift as refugees from war.

Please join our community’s campaign for the Shuls for Ukrainian Jewry. With your support, we can continue to join together with Jews around the world in providing tangible support for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, and show them that they are not alone.

Original goal: $36,000New Bonus goal: $50,000

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