Congregation K.I.N.S. of West Rogers Park

Congregation K.I.N.S. of West Rogers Park

...thousands of people are standing at the borders, trying to escape the tragedy in Ukraine. They stand there day and night, and there is only one word that can help them get out of there: 'Jew.' If you are a Jew - there are Jews out there who take care of you; there is someone on the other side of the border who is looking for you... Natan Sharansky


Over the past two months, the Jewish world has saved thousands of Ukrainian Jews. We have raised funds and fulfilled the mitzvah of "pidyon shvuyim." But now that they are out of harm's way, who is caring for them?


The Jewish Agency is helping all who want to go to Israel. The JDC is caring for their immediate needs of shelter and support. And the Orthodox Union, together with partners on the ground, is providing kosher food and religious services to 10,000 Jewish refugees.


But their needs are enormous! Just providing kosher food for one Shabbat costs $100,000! 


At Congregation K.I.N.S., we understand that this is a time like no other, and therefore we need to respond like never before. Please help us fund kosher food for a Pesach Seder for the refugees. To help us raise these funds, a few anonymous donors have created a matching campaign - challenging us to raise $50,000 by Pesach, and they will match it with another $50,000.


If you usually donate $100 to a campaign - this is the humanitarian crisis - an עת לעשות  that should propel you to reach deeper and give $500-$1000. But whatever you can give, know that through the OU's Emergency Campaign every dollar will go to the Jewish refugees in need.


Please give today. And then, please give again. The Ukrainian Jewish refugees need our support. Let's prove "If you are a Jew - there are Jews out there who take care of you."

Original goal: $100,000New Bonus goal: $150,000

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