Congregation Ohr Torah of Edison for Tikva Odessa Children's Home

One of the very special midot of our community is how we respond in times of need. That virtue has been on full display as the war in Ukraine has decimated the country. The war has caused the destruction of countless homes and communities. Jewish children and families have been evacuated to temporary housing in neighboring countries, while sadly some are forced to remain as young families and children do not want to split as men of certain ages are forced to stay and fight. You have helped fund the evacuations, temporary housing and the continued need for supplies at this crucial moment in time.


What has become apparent as the war continues, however, is that this crisis will not be just a moment in time – we understand that the needs of those that are fleeing Ukraine will stretch on for years and require a longer-term investment upon the part of the world and the Jewish community in particular.


Congregation Ohr Torah (OT) has chosen to join the Shuls for Ukrainian Jewry campaign - working in conjunction with communities around North America, the OU, RCA, and National Council of Young Israel - to raise much needed funds for Tikva Odessa Children's Home.


The campaign funds are being allocated to provide emergency evacuation funding for Tikva's critical operations including:

  • Feeding and Support Programs – Tikva continues to provide food and supplies to the 1000+ Jews staying at together in Romania. In addition, we send weekly food packages are sent to Odessa to the several hundred Jews that have not been able to leave yet.
  • Temporary Housing – Tikva has temporary housing from where they will be forced to move by June 1. The temporary housing is not a good or healthy long term situation and a more suitable place for a long term stay is required. These temporary housing costs add up, with additional daily expenditures of $54 with each passing day.
  • Medical Help – Tikva has on staff a full time doctor with trauma experience, two nurses and six psychologists who are very busy with both the children and the adults. In addition, medical supplies are in short supply.
  • Travel Documents – there are many that do not have passports or travel documents. Tikva is working with the expeditors in the Romanian Government to procure refugee permits.
  • Security – In order to maintain the safety and security of those in their care, Tikva has hired an international security firm throughout the evacuation and continues to stay with the Tikva family in Romania as the need for their services remains strong.

This campaign is focused on ensuring that we are feeding, sheltering and protecting over 927 orphans, students and alumni with families that are under their care. Ohr Torah is dedicating this fundraising effort to ensure that we can keep these children safe from this real and immediate threat.

We in the Ohr Torah community have set a goal to raise $50,000, on top of the money already generously donated, to provide additional funding for rescue aid to the Tikva Odessa Children's Home. Every cent raised by this campaign will be distributed directly to Tikva Odessa to ensure these children's safety.

Original goal: $50,000.00New Bonus goal: $75,000.00

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