Bnai David-Judea Congregation

Bnai David-Judea Congregation

For over a month I’ve been directing our attention to incredible and worthy organizations working on the ground in Eastern Europe assisting Ukrainian refugees. As we begin the month of Nissan I’ll ask that we devote the next 10 days to specifically supporting the work of the OU which is placing a special focus on the shelter and food needs of Jews who have fled the Russian onslaught.  OU lay leaders and staff are working in close partnership with organizations on the ground to procure and distribute kosher food needs and other essentials for Jewish refugees, even as they of course turn away no one who seeks support. 


BDJ, as a community, has joined the “Shuls for Ukrainian Jewry” campaign, which is being sponsored by the OU, the RCA (Rabbinical Council of America), and the National Council of Young Israel. One day of kosher meals at a refugee camp costs $1,800, and I am hopeful that over the first 10 days of Nissan we can raise enough for 5 days, i.e. $9600. Especially with Pesach approaching, this is a time for generosity for those who have been forced to flee their homes into uncertain futures. 


Thank you everyone, for your support.

Rav Yosef

Original goal: $9,600New Bonus goal: $15,000

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